disruption management


1. introduction

  1. -What is Disruption Management? (a Knol article published in September 2008)

  2. -Airline Operations Control Centers: Organization and Tools (a Monograph in Portuguese)

2. list of existing commercial applications

Airline Operations Control

Note: most of the software do not have automatic tools for disruption management

  1. -AIMS: AIMS Ops Control (more info)

  2. -Caleb: OpsSolver (more info)

  3. -Constraint Technologies: TPAC Operations (more info)

  4. -Fujitsu: Pegasys (more info)

  5. -Jeppesen: Carmen Integrated Operations Control (more info)

  6. -IBS: Airline and Airport Operations (more info)

  7. -Kronos: Ad-Opt (more info)

  8. -Lufthansa Systems: Netline/Lido Flight Ops (more info)

  9. -Navitaire: Geneva Operation Control Management (more info)

  10. -Quintiq: Aviation Solutions (more info)

  11. -Sabre: Sabre Flight Control Suite (more info)

Railways Operations Control


- SISCOG: Crews (more info)