MASDIMA - Multi-agent system for disruption management research project


This server is the home of the MASDIMA - Multi-Agent System for Disruption Management Project and, also, the home of an increasing source of information related with Disruption Management. Please follow the above menu for more information or just use the below links to visit other sites.


2014-05: Another book entitled "A New Approach for Disruption Management in Airline Operations Control" has been published. You can find it in Springer and other good bookstores like Amazon.

2009-08: My book entitled "Disruption Management in Airline Operations Control - Designing a MAS with a GAIA based Methodology" has been published. You can find it in Amazon and other good bookstores.

OPEN from 2013-10-01 to 2013-10-18: Research Scholarship for the MASDIMA Project. See the following link for complete information (in Portuguese).

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